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    How You Can Get Great Results From Home-Based Exercise

    I’m often asked, why hire a personal trainer to come to my home when I can go to the local gym? As an exercise physiologist & lifestyle counselor who has 25 years of work experience in clinical and recreational fitness I know the data but my quick answer to the question is that home-based exercise provides – privacy-personalized attention, convenience, and time savings. The purpose of this article is to review and educate you, my reader, to some basic data on the effectiveness of home exercise.

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    2 – 1 Personal Training

    2 to 1 / Couples or “buddy” coaching is a great way to improve your lifestyle and fitness with someone you care for or enjoy being with.  My couples / buddy paradigm of personal training provides all the benefits of regular personal training but has an added plus; the support and motivation of someone close to you. My Personal Training & Coaching uses a carefully planned program that includes the elements of a well-rounded routine. Couples’ coaching is not a technique or a “program”; it’s a collaborative approach to personalizing, structuring, teaching and motivating two people that wish to get fit together.

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    Would you hire an overweight personal trainer?

    I see the pictures. I’m talking about the ones on personal trainer web sites. You know where you find trainers posed half dressed, flexing. Makes me wonder if they walk around their studio or show-up at your door like that? Would it be professional to see a surgeon on his or her web site holding a kidney or lung in their hands? How silly. But, trainer sites that have “fitness pros” dressed in revealing positions or posing is sophomoric. In fact, worse, it speaks to stereotyping. It follows this line of thought; if you don’t look like this you’re not healthy or fit. If you’re overweight you are not healthy…