• Why you need an awesome food diary for weight loss
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    Why you need an awesome food diary

    Record keeping or the “food diary” is one of the most important reported factors in losing weight and keeping it off. Kelly Brownell, Ph.D., of Yale University, a nationally recognized researcher on weight control stated this about record keeping “The first, and perhaps most important lifestyle behavior you will learn is to keep records.” However, most people resist this critical aid in weight loss and maintenance. Purpose and importance of record keeping for weight loss keeping a “food diary” is more than simply tracking those little calories. I tend to look at record keeping as more of a lifestyle record, tracking all the main aspects of lifestyle related to weight…

  • Can weight training help with weight loss?
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    Can weight training help with weight loss?

    Exercise is an important part of any weight management paradigm. Aerobic exercise should be prescribed for every person attempting to lose weight and a resistance training program used to support metabolism. Weight loss via dietary restriction alone negatively impacts metabolism. Hypometabolism increases with caloric deficient diets beyond what would be expected from the loss of fat free mass (FFM). This state of hypometabolism causes energy conservation which makes dietary restriction less efficient over time. In a calorie reduced diet, when an individual reaches about 10% weight loss, total energy expenditure (TEE) decreases beyond what could be expected due to deceases in FFM. This reflects the body becoming increasingly energy conserving…

  • Helping a loved one with weight loss
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    Helping a loved one with weight loss

    Talking to a family member or friend about losing weight can be hard. Use these tips to get the conversation started. It’s all about the approach! People who struggle with body weight need support. Many individuals have attempted to drop weight many times.Starting with compassion is always a good place to start. Tell the person close to you that you care for them and are concerned and are willing to help them and support their effort. Asking simple questions such as; “How can I help you?” or “What can we do together to get healthy?” can go a long way. Most importantly, don’t preach or tell them what to do,…