• Being fit & relaxed while traveling
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    Being fit & relaxed while traveling

    Travelers face a variety of challenges in a fast paced world. Attempting to juggle home and business responsibilities can be an anxiety provoking experience alone, but if you travel a great deal this can significantly decrease your ability to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Even though technology has made travel easier, you can still experience missed flights, flight delay or cancellation, lost or damaged luggage, car rental cancellation, missed connections, having to travel with multiple connections, car problems, traffic congestion or reroutes, eating on the road, weather, rude people, Jet-lag and much more. It can be fatiguing and stressful to say the least. It’s Hard to Maintain an Exercise Program…

  • Women Fitness Walking
    Exercise,  Fitness tips

    Best Fitness Walking Tips You Need For Amazing Health

    Walking is one of the most commonly reported fitness activities. It’s simple and effective at improving fitness and lowers disease risk across a wide range of ailments. Increasingly people are buying gym memberships and equipment to do what a low-cost fitness walking program can do. With the many online resources and apps – motivation is easier than ever. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that people accumulate