• Post myocardial infarction and arterial stiffness
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    Post myocardial infarction and arterial stiffness

    Every 42-seconds about 1 American has an acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and it is estimated that annually 550,000 and 200,000 new and recurrent MI occur respectively. Arterial stiffness (AS), a condition where the blood vessel walls have a reduced ability to respond effectively to the pressure of blood with each heartbeat and the body’s oxygen demands, is associated with aging. AS has been found to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and worsen the outcomes for people who have had a heart attack (myocardial infarction). Physical activity may help arterial stiffness Post-myocardial infarction patients may benefit from increased physical activity (PA) by a reduction of AS according to new research.…

  • Home-Based Exercise Equipment

    How You Can Get Great Results From Home-Based Exercise

    I’m often asked, why hire a personal trainer to come to my home when I can go to the local gym? As an exercise physiologist & lifestyle counselor who has 25 years of work experience in clinical and recreational fitness I know the data but my quick answer to the question is that home-based exercise provides – privacy-personalized attention, convenience, and time savings. The purpose of this article is to review and educate you, my reader, to some basic data on the effectiveness of home exercise.

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    Can water-based exercise improve Osteporosis?

    Aquatic-based exercise programming can be used by varied populations including highly conditioned athletes to persons with chronic illness. It is an ideal modality for many older adults due to the fitness benefits it can provide with the relatively lower risk of negatively impacting current musculoskeletal conditions. It is generally enjoyable and provides a great social benefit for the older adult who partakes in aquatic based classes. In addition, the creative personal trainer can use aquatic based programming to enhance the delivery of a comprehensive fitness program for individual clients. Osteoporosis It is estimated that 24.5 and 5.1% of women and men respectively have osteoporosis (OP) involving the femur neck or…