• The illness of being sedentary
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    Seniors: The illness of being sedentary

    A senior who does not engage in regular resistance training experiences rapid losses in muscle quality, mass, and function. These losses are directly tied with chronic illness and problems of movement and balance. The losses of muscle mass are associated with a decrease in the production of myokines which have endocrine like effects on body organs and may play a role in exercise related protection against chronic illness (Jacobs, 2018; Tipton, 2009). Simultaneously, chronic disease in of itself creates a viscous cycle for the fitness of individuals. Minus the factors of normal aging, diseases such as heart failure, diabetes, obstructive lung disease, liver failure, cancer, and AIDS may all lead…

  • 5 reasons you need to be weight training as you get older
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    5 Great Reasons You Need To Be Weight Training

    Have you been going to the gym and hitting the cardio machines? Walking, running or cycling outdoors? That’s great news! In fact, awesome. You are doing more than most Americans, keep it up! Now, have you been resistance training? If so, great! If not, why not? Lack of time? Don’t have access to “equipment”? Don’t know how? Don’t know why? In this post, we’ll explore the whys and hows of resistance (aka weight or strength) training.