• Why you need an awesome food diary for weight loss
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    Why you need an awesome food diary

    Record keeping or the “food diary” is one of the most important reported factors in losing weight and keeping it off. Kelly Brownell, Ph.D., of Yale University, a nationally recognized researcher on weight control stated this about record keeping “The first, and perhaps most important lifestyle behavior you will learn is to keep records.” However, most people resist this critical aid in weight loss and maintenance. Purpose and importance of record keeping for weight loss keeping a “food diary” is more than simply tracking those little calories. I tend to look at record keeping as more of a lifestyle record, tracking all the main aspects of lifestyle related to weight…

  • Making Lapses Work for You

    Looking for Fires and Making Lapses Work for You (Part 2)

    Using behavior chains to analyze a lapse You may ask what’s a behavior chain? A behavior chain is a way to look at lapses as a series of events, as opposed to only the consequence. It considers the things that happened before the behavior, the behavior and the consequence. The ABC’s. The idea is the “chain” can be analyzed and changed at any point (or link) in the chain. We call this the behavioral interruption.