• Do strength training and cardio play well?
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    Do strength training and cardio play well?

    Integration of different modes of exercise in relation to training goals should be taken into consideration before prescribing a total conditioning program. Different blends of exercise training modes can either enhance or hurt gains of specific fitness-related adaptations. There is potential for competing systems to interfere with fitness improvements during concurrent training. Possible explanations for non-compatibility include genetic ceiling, problems when an activity requires recruitment of similar muscle fiber types, changes in cardiovascular, immune, neuroendocrine systems that support skeletal muscle, conflicts in cellular adaptation in skeletal muscle, overreaching or overtraining, and conflicts related to support needs for systems to recover (Baechle & Earle, 2008; Fleck & Kraemer, 2014). The exercise…

  • Put the FITT in fitness with a VP
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    Put the FITT in fitness with a VP

    When I first started in the fitness industry (in college) the Exercise Rx was F.I.T (Frequency, Intensity and Time). Then it was expanded to F.I.T.T the mnemonic for Frequency – Intensity – Time and Type. Today there’s an addition beyond FIIT which adds a VP. VP adds the concept of volume and progression. It forms the most basic concept in developing exercise prescriptions/programs and helps identify minimal thresholds for benefits. In this article, we’ll look at FITT-VP and what it means, plus how to use the information in your exercise program. Even though the F.I.T.T-VP formula applies to all exercise prescriptions it will vary depending upon goals, medical status, culture,…

  • nordic walking helps heart patients get fit
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    Using These Can Help Heart Patients Get More Fit

    Walking is a commonly recommended activity for heart patients in a rehabilitation setting. It is also one of the most available and used forms of exercise by all people who report exercising. However, it seems Nordic walking may be better than regular walking. A group of researchers set out to explore if using Nordic walking poles could improve aerobic fitness more than walking alone. Past research supports benefits across many populations as seen