• Making Lapses Work for You

    Looking for Fires and Making Lapses Work for You (Part 2)

    Using behavior chains to analyze a lapse You may ask what’s a behavior chain? A behavior chain is a way to look at lapses as a series of events, as opposed to only the consequence. It considers the things that happened before the behavior, the behavior and the consequence. The ABC’s. The idea is the “chain” can be analyzed and changed at any point (or link) in the chain. We call this the behavioral interruption.

  • Lapses and How we can Recover From Them

    Lapses and How We Can Recover from Them (Part 1)

    What is a lapse? A lapse is a slip, mistake, error, or “temporary” misstep. What it’s not is a permanent pattern of behavior that is signaling the path to an unhealthy life. It’s not a reflection on a persons competence or will to make or maintain a lasting healthy life. For example, let’s say you intended to exercise today, but got called into a last minute staff meeting and it caused you to miss your exercise session. Is this a lapse? Probably not. Now let’s say you were stressed out from your meeting and had not missed your scheduled exercise time but rather went home and soothed your stress by…