• overweight personal trainer
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    Would you hire an overweight personal trainer?

    I see the pictures. I’m talking about the ones on personal trainer web sites. You know where you find trainers posed half dressed, flexing. Makes me wonder if they walk around their studio or show-up at your door like that? Would it be professional to see a surgeon on his or her web site holding a kidney or lung in their hands? How silly. But, trainer sites that have “fitness pros” dressed in revealing positions or posing is sophomoric. In fact, worse, it speaks to stereotyping. It follows this line of thought; if you don’t look like this you’re not healthy or fit. If you’re overweight you are not healthy…

  • Measuring waist while losing weight
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    Why Losing Weight Is the Reason You May Not Be Healthy

    I hear from people quite frequently that they are told by their doctor to lose weight or they have read about the next greatest fad diet or they have just joined the local fitness center and have the intention of losing weight. I’ll say it again, losing weight! What I don’t hear is “my doctor said I need to improve my lifestyle and incorporate a healthier way of living”.  I get it.