• Walking to 10,000 steps
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    Making it to 10,000 steps. Should you?

    You may have heard the recommendation that for better health you should attempt to walk 10,000 steps a day. Today, wearable devices have built their platforms with this recommendation at the center of the technology. Moreover, video games such as Pokémon Go have jumped on as people are encouraged to walk around and search and capture virtual creatures. Additionally, there have been ehealth programs built to support the recommendation such as 10,000 Steps (Das & Dlugonski, 2018). One of the questions often asked Is walking 10,000 steps a day a good recommendation for being healthy? In this article I will attempt to answer that question based on studies that have…

  • Readiness for physical activity and the PAR-Q
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    Are you ready for physical activity? Take this quick quiz to find out!

    Fitness is in. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans wants people to sit-less and move more – all movement counts! Apparently so do many Americans as health club memberships are at an all-time high. Major health and fitness organizations from the American Heart Association to Zumba (a to z, get it?) want you to be part of the movement (movement, get it?). But where does one start? You could simply stop reading this and go for a walk and that would be great. But if you want more, read on about the Get Active – PAR-Q. On getting started For people looking to start a formal planned exercise program, most…

  • Good range-of-motion is part of good physical fitness
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    Physical fitness explained in simple terms

    Ever wonder exactly what we mean when we say “fitness”? Let’s take a moment to look at physical fitness the term most often used when considering exercise and physical activity. Physical fitness Physical fitness is a person’s ability to perform activities while taking into account several body systems working together. Being more “fit” allows you to do things with less effort. 11 parts – 6 health-related, 5 skill-related Physical fitness can be broken down into two broad categories. Health and skills. The health-related parts of physical fitness include: cardiorespiratory endurance (the fitness of your heart and lungs) muscular strength (the fitness of your muscles in regards to strength) muscular endurance…