• Hydration and Physical Activity
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    Quick Tips About Hydration And Exercise

    Hydration and fluid replacement is critical to athletic performance (1). I’m not talking about your walk in the local park, but intensive activities that last longer than 1 hour. I hear many theories on how much water one should drink during sporting events and many are “one size fits all” in nature. Intense activities lasting longer than an hour will require a specific re-hydration strategy. This applies for both hot and cold environments. It is clear that starting your exercise session dehydrated is one of the leading causes of heat-related illness.

  • Staying Safe in the Cold Winter
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    Staying Safe in the Cold Winter Weather

    We’ll the coldest air of the winter of 2016 is here. With temperatures dropping well below zero and wind chills that would make a Yeti cry, you need to be careful. We want you to stay healthy and safe so we are providing some tips to help you with this intense winter weather period. As far as exercise is concerned, stay indoors for the next few days.